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Llatins/es per Catalunya and Xarxa BCN Antirumors, with the collaboration of the research groups GENI and GREDI from the Universitat de Barcelona and with the support of Barcelona’s City Coucil, present the 3rd Course on Intercultural Communication and Journalism which will take place the7, 14, 21, 27 and 28 Novembre 2019, the #ComuniCanvi. The course is open to the general public […]

On the 14 and 15 Novembre Tàcita Muta and GENI will host the “VIII Jornades Internacionals de Tardor de Tàcita Muta” titled “Intramurs: Formes de reclusió i vulnerabilitat amb perspectiva de gènere“. This year GENI participates on the organisation of the event bringing in speakers on the contemporary insight to seclusion and vulnerability with a […]

  As every year, the Week of Anthropology sets off this November (Institut Català d’Antropologia). This year, the kick-off activity is a round table titled: Gender 3.0 and chaired by GNEI’s coordinator Olga Jubany (UB, ICA). The round table is coordinated by Begonya Enguix (UOC, ICA) and speakers will be Dolores Juliano (UB, ICA) Serena Brigidi (UVIC-UCC, URV) and Paco Abril (Homes Igualitaris-AHIGE). […]

  La Conferència Internacional de SupportVoC: “A Single View for a Multiple Reality: the Femicide Case” va ser tot un èxit. Un públic de més de 200 persones va omplir el recinte d’Innovathens, al Technopolis d’Atenes. Els assistents van poder escoltar a expertes com Martina Klett-Davis (London School of Economics) i Lesley Simmonds (University of Plymouth) […]

We are happy to announce that the book: ‘From universal rights to individual protection: The application of the “Victims’ Directive” across Europe‘ has been published today. The official presentation of the book will take place next Friday 25 at the Final Conference in Athens, Greece. In the meanwhile, you can download the digital version here: From universal rights to individual protection   More information […]

As part of the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science Palgrave Macmillan will host a free to attend panel discussion on the 7th of November. Dynamic and rapidly evolving across disciplines, particularly in the face of political developments across the globe, it is an theme that too easily attracts myths and bias, and social science holds a […]

On the 4th of July, Olga Jubany will be presenting at the COMPAS seminar in Oxford with a talk titled Screening Asylum in a Culture of Disbelief: The Hidden Legacy: In their relation with the State, hard borders have gained relevance due to the increasing politicisation and criminalisation of migration, and securitisation discourse and policies. Both […]

This week Droit et Cultures has published its latest issue, a compilation of contributions related to Divercity project. The journal has an Open Access Licence, access full texts through the links below: Contents:  Olga Jubany et Isabelle Carles Présentation [Texte intégral] Une approche expérientielle, intersectionnelle et située de la diversité sexuelle et de genre Erica Howard Protection des personnes LGBT+ […]

We are very pleased to announce that Olga Jubany has been appointed as Editor of the Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship Series of Palgrave Macmillan, succeeding Prof. Robin Cohen and Prof. Zig Layton-Henry to continue the legacy of a leading editorial benchmark in the field of migration, with over 20 years of history and more than […]