GENI member professor Fabiola Mancinelli has cowritten the chapter Privilegios, género y “dignidad del tiempo” en mujeres-madres-trabajadoras en la época de la COVID-19, part of the recently published bookLa vida cotidiana en tiempos de la COVID: Una antropología de la pandemia (Los libros de la catarata). The chapter includes the research undertaking by Fabila Mancinelli, Serena Brigidi, […]

Several GENI members will participate in different activities of the fifth Setmana de l’Antropologia (16-21 November), whose programme may be found on the Institut Català d’Antropologia’s website. Most activities will be only online of with a combination of face-to-face and online, according to the COVID-19-related restrictions. Some of the activities, in which GENI members will […]

On Friday November the 20th Olga Jubany, Ignacio Elpidio Domínguez, and Malin Roiha are going to participate in the webinar “La justícia restaurativa davant de delictes d’odi i discriminació”, organised by the Direcció General d’Execució Penal a la Comunitat i de Justícia Juvenil and the Centre d’Estudis Jurídics i Formació Especialitzada of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Justice Department.  The webinar is included as part of the European Restorative Justice Week, and in this event the ESRU […]

GENI member María Ignacia Ibarra Eliessetch has participated in the article Waterscapes and Plural Geographies in Wallmapu, recently published by the Geographical Review journal. It is available at the journal’s website.   She has also participated in an article, Ternura feminista para otros mundos posibles, included in the first Retazos: Memorias feministas bulletin, from the […]

Professor and GENI member Fabiola Mancinelli organises with EASA’s ANTHROMOB network a series of online lectures on mobilities, MoMo (Moving Mobilities Online).   On Monday 9 of November, at 2pm (CET), Dr. Flavia Cangià, Senior Researcher at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) will participate with the lecture Traveling without moving. Reflections on (im)mobility and liminality. […]

The BAR2LEGAB: Europe Abortion Access Project (more information here), lead by Silvia de Zordo, presents two new publications with the results of its interdisciplinary research: De Zordo, S., Mishtal, J., Zanini G. & Gerdts, C. (2020) Consequences of gestational age limits for people needing abortion care during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 28:1 De Zordo, S., Zanini, G., Mishtal, […]

Professor and GENI member Fabiola Mancinelli has participated in the TV3 programme 30 Minutes, in an episode called “Sense turisme”. In this programme she has explained the touristic effects of the COVID pandemic. Several tourism professionals also participated in said programmes, explaining their respective problems and situations. You may find more information and the full […]

Professor Olga Jubany, coordinator of the GENI research group, has recently published the chapter The Unspoken Legacy of Asylum Racism, Nationalism, and the Neo‐colonialist Social Construction of Asylum Policies within The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism, published by Wiley. The chapter analyses the asylum phenomenon from the perspective of the social construction of otherness, and […]

Bellaterra has published the book Intersecciones encarnadas: [Con]textos críticos en género, identidad y diversidad, edited by Olga Jubany and Oscar Guasch. Also participating with chapters are Fabiola Mancinelli, Emma Fàbrega, Dolors Rodríguez-Martín, Assumpta Rigol-Cuadra, Esther Crespo-Mirasol, Elena Maestre-González, Jordi Mas Grau, Alèxia Rué, Malin Roiha, Núria Sadurní Balcells, Jose Antonio Langarita Adiego, Eduardo Lizardo, Rosa Lázaro […]